How Latin American Brands Can Use Research to Scale in U.S. Markets

January 6, 2021 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

Latin American brands often feel overly confident in entering the U.S. market. Having experienced success in their home markets, they look to replicate that brand affinity north of the border, often using the same strategy that won at home. But, that affinity doesn’t always translate into a successful entry, especially when brands fail to realize and plan for the shift from a mostly homogeneous cultural group to a more diverse society composed of varied multicultural backgrounds, cultural influences, and behavioral drivers. 

The tendency of LatAm brands to target their core Hispanic constituency can cause missed opportunities to reach broader markets. It’s imperative that brand marketers shift their mentality to include multicultural perspectives, adjust their strategies, and allow the multicultural segment's influence to take the brand mainstream. Essential to gaining those consumer insights is market research. By leaning into market research, Latin American brands can satisfy their core audiences' needs while exposing the brand to new segments of the population, thus building the brand domestically.

This week, Jackie Bird, Founder and President of Redbean Society, LLC, joins the ThinkNow New Mainstream podcast to discuss how Latin American brands can successfully use multicultural market research to scale in the U.S.