Black American Market Research

With a staggering $1 trillion in collective spending power, the 47 million African American and Black consumers in the U.S. have become pivotal drivers of the nation's economy

47 million Americans identify as African American or Black. Collectively, Black Americans are a resilient consumer group with $1.6 trillion in purchasing power and an undeniable influence on American culture, making them one of the country’s main economic drivers. But Black consumers in the U.S. are not monolithic. Like Hispanics and Asians, Black Americans are diverse — from skin tones to language, cultural rules to mores. One in 10 Black consumers living in the U.S. is foreign-born, bringing with them cultural nuances from their countries of origin. Black American sub-cultures make it essential for marketers to close the misunderstanding gap about the Black consumer collective through market research and insights.