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    “ThinkNow is one of those rare communication agencies that recognizes and applies the moral and stategic value of cultural inclusiveness.”

    “We consider ThinkNow Research a partner more than a vendor. At every level of interaction, they are fully engaged and embrace our business as if it was their own. We rely heavily on their expertise and understanding of the Hispanic audience”

    “ThinkNow is one of those rare communication agencies that recognizes and applies the moral and stategic value of cultural inclusiveness.”


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    of our clients increase their audience using our insights

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    Center for Disease Control

    Chikungunya is a mosquito borne illness that causes fever, joint pain, headache, muscle pain, joint swelling and rash. One of the main entry points into the U.S. for the virus is the porous U.S./Mexico border region. Specifically, Spanish-speaking borderregion residents that frequently travel between the U.S. and Mexico.

    CDC was concerned that awareness of the virus was very low among Spanish speakers.

    Prospects within the border were highly suspicious of rumors of deportation.

    ThinkNow Research worked with local community organizations and within the CDC to enhance our recruitment outreach. By this means, ThinkNow Research successfully conducted a series of in person focus groups along the U.S./Mexico border of bicultural and unacculturated Hispanic residents, in order to determine how best to communicate the dangers of Chikungunya to this demographic.

    • San Diego, CA
    • Las Cruces, NM
    • McAllen, TX
    • Nogales, AZ
    • El Paso, TX

    Throughout weekly meetings and comparisons of findings, we worked as a team with the CDC to uncover messaging and images that affirmed a clear message with the focus group participants. The CDC was able to determine which collateral communications and overall language and visual constructions were most effective in communicating how to avoid contracting and/or spreading of the virus.

    They made changes to their messaging and collateral based on our research results and distributed the new materials to healthcare centers throughout the region.


    of the targeted audience is now correctly informed of the Chikungunya virus.


    of cases decreased in the following 6 months.

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    trillions buying power in the U.S. is held by African americans.


    Yes. Our work experience covers a wide range of public sector clients from Federal, State, and Local municipalities.

    The need for public ourtreach to multicultural audiences is greater than ever. From vaccine messaging to the SBA reaching out to diverse entrepreneurs, government agencies across the board have benefitted from our unique capabilities.

    Rest assured, we have experience handling sensitive or confidential topics.

    Our work gives institutions in the public sector insights regarding religion, health, criminal justice, policing, education, employment, housing, transport, and personal finances.

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