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We integrate Hispanic, African-American, and Asian insights into custom market research for companies and government agencies looking to thrive in a changing demographic environment.

Mitigating Cultural Bias

Rarely does the market research industry address cultural bias prevalent in multicultural groups such as Hispanics and Asians.

ThinkNow Research is aware of these biases and has created strategies to mitigate cultural biases such as Hispanic positivity bias and Asian negativity bias.


Especially when they’re culturally sensitive – e.g.: Properly sampling African American, Asian, Hispanic and White respondents.


Our culturally sensitive moderators excel at navigating the cultural nuances of each segment in order to uncover actionable insights both in-person and online.


We have a team dedicated to managing our clients’ ongoing brand and advertising trackers. Proper sampling of hard-to-reach segments are key to successful tracking of multicultural audiences.

Behavioral Quantitative Research

Qual before quant has dominated market research, we have pioneered behavioral tracking followed by quant. See “what” respondents are actually doing online via our Knowy app, then follow up and learn the “why” through our custom quant solutions.


1,250 respondents = 500 U.S. Hispanics, 250 non-Hispanic Whites, 250 Asians & 250 African-Americans.

Quantitative Case Study


ESPN has long wondered how and if Hispanic website behavior to their flagship web property, ESPN.com, differs or is similar to non-Hispanic whites in order to provide culturally optimized user experiences for both audiences.

Business Challenge

Research conducted on ESPN.com has been through website pop-up surveys, often disrupting natural user behavior and not giving true insights into user behavior as surveys failed to capture authentic website traffic trends.


We utilized ESPN’s internal website analytics tool and matched 500 Hispanic respondents and 500 non-Hispanic white respondents to our panel respondents. By attaching panel demographics with website analytic behavior, we were able to get deep insights into user behavior 
by ethnicity without disrupting website visitors natural web behaviors. We then followed up with the tracked respondents via a quantitative survey, delving deeper into the “why” behind the actions we tracked.


ESPN was able to identify striking differences in website audience behaviors by ethnicity. After analyzing the results, they have been able to optimize landing pages and popular sub-pages for each ethnic group. This has resulted in an increase in average length of visit and repeat visits across both groups.

Quantitative Case Study


General Motors is looking to take the lead with multicultural consumers in the U.S.

Business Challenge

In order to meet this goal, General Motors brand team needed clarity on understanding the unique needs and behaviors of Hispanic consumers as well as their perceptions of the brands offered so that they could build a relevant and connected end-to-end experience.


ThinkNow Research created an integrated solution combining online discussion boards, in-person focus groups and in-depth interviews.

The approach was divided into three individual phases designed to start broadly on a national level via online discussion boards, allowing us to discover the “unknowns”, then use the learnings and apply them to more specific discussions through the next phase of in-person focus and finally the in-depth interviews phase which focused on having a conversation surrounding key influences that impact the purchase decision.


The results from the ThinkNow Research study have been ground breaking for the General Motors not only giving them the direction they needed to create more relevant marketing messages but it also brought about additional awareness and internal conversations all the way 
to senior leadership focused around the opportunity that the U.S. Hispanic consumer represented for them and how many of there previous understandings and assumptions were changed by the study.

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