thinknow Link

Routing technology focused on recruiting hard-to-reach audiences

  • Access to 5 million+ respondents.
  • Over 20O,000 completes delivered per month
  • ThinkNow Link is accessible via APl or Ad-Hoc.


    ThinkNow has developed the first sample routing technology focused on recruiting hard-to-reach audiences. Incorporating a decade of recruiting hard-to-reach respondents online with real-time survey matching. We route a variety of sample sources ranging from pre-vetted affiliate partners to digital advertising across social media and the web to deliver high-quality respondents for your sample needs.


    “ThinkNow is one of those rare communication agencies that recognizes and applies the moral and stategic value of cultural inclusiveness.”

    “We consider ThinkNow Research a partner more than a vendor. At every level of interaction, they are fully engaged and embrace our business as if it was their own. We rely heavily on their expertise and understanding of the Hispanic audience.”

    "We at Insight Latam carry out projects with panels in multiple countries in Latam, and definitely, ThinkNow has helped us to achieve our objectives, of quality levels and response times that we offer to our clients."

    "We started working with ThinkNow during our media company and start-up careers - when we made the decision to launch our own strategic advisory dedicated to culture-forward business strategies; they were the natural choice to power our primary research requirements. Not only is their approach unique in a world drowning in often-useless diversity data, but they approach their work with a bias to excellence, service and character."

    “ThinkNow Research has been an excellent partner to the Ad Council. They’ve been very flexible with our tracking study schedules, provided high quality input when developing our questionnaire and always deliver everything we ask for on time.”


    We deliver results

    ThinkNow developed LINK, an APl automating the integration of one million panelists from our proprietary Hispanic panel, DigaYGane with partners and clients.

    Our most recent API integration was completed in six weeks. ThinkNow developed a mapping algorithm with a 20% conversion rate. Within six months, we were successfully delivering thousands of completes per day.


    of conversion rate within six weeks


    months delivering thousands of completes per day.


    Link is an automated sample solution.  Clients can access with an API agreement.

    Link uses mapping technology that profiles panelists and matches them to compatible surveys for a better experience.

    We have a team that recruits panelists by targeting websites, affiliates, gaming apps, communities, and panels to get census representation of U.S. Hispanics, LatAm, and Multicultural audiences. In addition, our panel technology profiles the panelist and vets them to ensure data quality.


    Link is the technology that connects ThinkNow’s proprietary panels in an automated manner to Client Survey API's. As a result, ThinkNow can generate thousands of online survey completes per day. Without the hassle of bidding and emailing back and forth.