ThinkNow Year End Review Report 2020

year end review

We examine the effects of the years events through a multicultural lens to provide actionable insights on key consumer trends to watch heading into 2021.

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ThinkNow Culture Brief 2020 

Consumer Identity

We surveyed a representative sample of American adults to understand how Hispanics, Asian Americans, and African Americans prefer to identify among peers and in marketing and media.

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ThinkNow Cosmetics and Beauty Report 2020 

beauty products

In this report we surveyed a representative sample of cosmetic/beauty buyers to gauge sentiment in the category and how COVID-19 has impacted purchase behavior.

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ThinkNow Policing Study 2020



This report shows findings from a nationwide survey of Black men and police officers on the topic of racial bias in policing. The report also includes a detailed list of Verbatims from survey respondents.

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ThinkNow Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2020


The report measures the impact of corporations’ support of social and environmental causes on consumer brand perception and purchase behavior.

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ThinkNow Voice-Controlled Products Report Brief 2020

smart speakers

Our nationwide survey found that nearly 50% of U.S. households have smart speakers. In this report brief we discuss the key findings.

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ThinkNow 2020 Election Report



The report measures attitudes and preferences regarding the 2020 presidential election, as well as attitudes about the current administration and its policies.

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ThinkNow COVID Report Brief 2020

This special report brief provides insight into the impact COVID-19 is having on consumer behavior and the resources businesses can use to navigate that change as consumers adjust to their new reality.

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ThinkNow Latinx Report Brief 2020

Our updated report discusses new findings to provide companies, brands, and politicians deeper insight into how U.S. Latinos prefer to describe their ethnicity.

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ThinkNow Pulse™ Report 2020

Get insights into how Americans feel about the state of the economy, its impact on their household income, and how the political climate influences their economic outlook.

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Insights Into Culture and Authenticity Report 2019

This year-end report highlights trends in consumer sentiment, purchase behavior, and digital media use over the last 12 months, and explores the impact culture has had on these trends. The report also includes marketing predictions for 2020.

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ThinkNow Latinx Report Brief 2019

The report takes a closer look at how popular the term ”Latinx“ really is among U.S. Hispanics and if it has staying power.

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ThinkNow Social™ Report 2019

social media
ThinkNow Social is a nationwide survey that looks at Americans’ social media attitudes.

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ThinkNow Media™ Report 2019

Streaming Services
This eye-opening report discusses the findings of our nationwide survey of consumers’ media consumption habits and attitudes on various platforms including Live TV, streaming services, gaming, and social media.

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Cannabis In America Report 2019

Nationally representative survey among respondents aged 21 and older to get a basic understanding of consumer sentiment and demand for cannabis-related products.

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