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Our multicultural insights empower companies and brands with the tools to effectively understand and engage diverse audiences

From Market Research to Cultural Understanding

From Market Research to Cultural Understanding

Consumers have increasingly higher expectations of brands. They want a personalized marketing experience that speaks to their needs and wants and appeals to what's important to them and their communities.

ThinkNow thrives at the intersection of market research, cultural fluency, and innovative technology. Our permission-based zero-party data gives brands unprecedented access to diverse audiences and actionable insights that optimize campaign strategy, resulting in measurable ROI.

At ThinkNow, we don’t just study markets. We immerse ourselves in diverse cultures to unlock the "why" behind the buy, so consumers feel seen, heard and represented in marketing and media. These deeper connections foster more meaningful and sustainable relationships for brands.

"Marketing is important because it is how we shape our world"

Mario Carrasco
Mario Carrasco

The need for a new way of thinking

ThinkNow's vision is to discover the cultural drivers influencing consumers' decisions in the increasingly diverse U.S. consumer market. We've found that by uncovering cultural bias and stereotypes through market research, we help companies and brands better communicate and connect with current and new audiences.

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Our purpose

usher companies to be relevant in america's multicultural reality
Purpose Driven
Purpose Driven
We help companies understand cultural drivers so they stop perpetuating stereotypes and misrepresentations.
We create tools like Link and Audiences that remove friction from the sample buying and digital ad buying processes.
Top Providers
Top Providers
Top supplier for strategies to mitigate cultural bias on Hispanics, African American and Asians.
Team of Experts
Team of Experts
Our team is comprised of 50+ research professionals and specialist with more than 25 years of experience in the market research field.

Solutions that will improve your business

Full-service marketing research for discover multicultural consumer drivers
Best in-class consumer insights for the public sector
The leading online source of Hispanic consumer insights in the U.S. and Latin America
Routing technology focused on recruiting hard-to-reach audiences
Permission-based zero-party data available on all major programmatic ad buying DSPs

Meet our team

Roy Eduardo Kokoyachuk

Co-Founder and Principal

Roy Eduardo Kokoyachuk is Co-Founder and Principal of ThinkNow. Before co-founding the agency, Roy held executive leadership positions at Warner Bros. Media Research and Garcia Research Associates, successfully launching the firm’s online market research program and opening several market research operation centers in the U.S. and Mexico.

Roy has conducted ground-breaking studies on Hispanic cultural values and advertising effectiveness as well as a series of widely cited white papers on multicultural Millennials and Gen Z consumers. In 2009, he initiated the creation of the first nationally representative opt-in online market research panel of U.S. Hispanics by developing new panel recruitment and sampling strategies focused on Spanish-speaking Hispanics.

He has since developed several multicultural panels and online communities to address the market research needs of a demographically evolving marketplace.

Companies such as General Motors, McDonald’s and Disney as well as Government Agencies such as the U.S. Army, The Center for Disease Control, Covered California, and their Ad Agencies seek out Roy’s expertise to help craft their multicultural consumer messaging.

Roy also holds a BA in Communications from the Annenberg School at USC, an MBA in Marketing from The Cal State Los Angeles College of Business and Economics and post-graduate Certificate in Business Management from the UCLA Anderson School of Business.

Mario X. Carrasco

Co-Founder and Principal

Mario X. Carrasco is Co-Founder and Principal of ThinkNow, an award-winning, technology driven cultural insights agency based in Burbank, CA. The agency enables companies and government agencies to discover the cultural drivers that influence consumer decisions.

Under his co-leadership, ThinkNow has successfully launched several innovative initiatives, such as ThinkNow ConneKt™, a MarTech segmentation solution focused on the multicultural market, as well as DigaYGane.com, one of the largest and most representative Hispanic online panels in the industry.

During his six-year tenure at ThinkNow, Carrasco’s expert knowledge of multicultural consumers and his passion for unveiling the story behind the numbers is evident in his contributions to the Hispanic Millennial Project and We Are GenZ studies. Carrasco is a regular contributor to trusted publications such as Forbes, eMarketer, Quirk’s Magazine, Online MR Magazine, and MediaPost.

He is a sought-after speaker, presenting at several association events, including those held by the National Tourism Association and Market Research Association, as well as industry events such as the Google Multicultural Marketing Forum, Vision Critical, and Hispanicize LA.

Among his awards and recognitions, Carrasco is the SBA 2017 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award recipient, an SBA Emerging Leader Recipient, Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Institute Graduate, and USC Marshall School of Business Graduate.

Carlos Yañez

SVP, Custom Research

Carlos has 15 years of experience designing and executing marketing research studies with an emphasis on the Hispanic market.

Carlos started his career at Ipsos-ASI as Research Analyst where he was responsible for the statistical analysis and interpretation of copytesting data, then moved on to Garcia Research Associates were he became VP of Quantitative Research. He later joined Knowledge Networks/GfK as Senior Research Director in the Multicultural Group where he provided project management and consultation on Hispanic research studies.

In his current role at ThinkNow, Carlos heads up the custom research department where he is responsible for leading all of the company’s custom research studies.

Jannet Torres

VP, Custom Research

Jannet Torres is a seasoned bilingual-bicultural researcher with expertise in qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Jannet spent the first decade of her professional tenure at Hispanic Market Connections (HMC), one of the pioneer market research firms focused on the U.S. Hispanic market. She later spent over 15 years in Client Services at Knowledge Networks (later acquired by GfK). Jannet’s strengths are in working with clients to gain insights into their categories and understand their potential among U.S. consumers, particularly the Hispanic market. She is a trained moderator, with an emphasis on Spanish-speaking audiences, and is well-versed in quantitative methodologies such as segmentation, key driver analysis, and brand resonance. A native of Venezuela, Jannet holds a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from Tennessee Tech University and a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Market Research from the University of South Carolina.

Cesar Amin Escobedo

Product Owner, ThinkNow ConneKt

Cesar started his career at Garcia Research as one of the first hires supporting the first representative Hispanic online panel, Cada Cabeza. Cesar was one of the lead programmers for the panel and gained experience in all aspects of panel management from online portal programming to panelist management. Cesar joined ThinkNow in 2011 and manages the ThinkNow Hispanic online panel and also provides programming and project management support for our online market research projects.

Greg DeLacy

Senior Managing Director/Global Sales - Full service

Greg’s history of helping companies brand and advertise in diverse and niche markets began with BrassRing, Inc. where he helped companies nationwide advertise and brand their needs to find tech personnel as an Outside Account Executive. Greg further carved out his expertise into the Hispanic and Diverse Markets with HispanicBusiness, Inc. where he worked closely with Fortune 1000 companies to implement print and online campaigns. In his 11 years of experience working at an Integrated Media Manager with HispanicBusiness, Inc. Greg helped create, launch and manage successful campaigns that ranged from brand awareness to lead generation for clients looking to specifically reach a Hispanic/Multicultural audience.

Greg joined ThinkNow in December 2014. In his role of Business Development Manager, Greg works with our clients to recognize their needs and find solutions from our products to meet their goals for actionable insights into growing markets.

Deb Zimmerman

Client Services Director - Government

Deb began her career at Cognos, an IBM company, as part of the North American Marketing and Communication group. She soon found her passion as part of the Sales team and began her career of over 20 years.

After years of leading Sales and Marketing Teams at an Executive level, Deb launched her own Sales Consultancy in 2002 later joining Prospect Hill in 2008 as their Vice President of Client Services focused on helping organizations with go to market plans, social media readiness, marketing automation and dynamic sales strategies.

Deb managed both Commercial & Federal Business Development & contracts throughout her career and joined ThinkNow in 2014 heading up the Federal team. She holds a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in International Marketing and a minor in Social Psychology.

Emmily Maduro

Account Sales Director for Audiences & Online Sample

Has a degree in Marketing and Advertising, and multiple certifications in Content Marketing, Community Management, and Copywriting. Over nine years of experience in the marketing industry, working with diverse clients and markets in Venezuela, Mexico, and the US.

Her core competencies include B2B prospecting, account management, cold emails, cold calling, CRM, content creation, digital marketing, social networking, SEO, and SEM. Passionate about delivering innovative and results-oriented solutions that drive sales growth and customer success.

Magnory Rodriguez

Project Manager

Magnory holds a BA in Business Administration and began her market research career with Garcia Research Associates in 1997 as a bilingual interviewer and moved on to the role of General Field Supervisor for all quantitative studies.

Magnory developed an instructional manual of operational procedures for recruitment of research personnel and study participants as well as created guidelines for fielding nationally representative research samples. In her current role as Sampling Manager at ThinkNow, Magnory is responsible for the successful day-to-day management of quotas and completion rates for custom research projects.

Maryluz Cañizares

Account Executive for Full Service LATAM

Maryluz boasts extensive experience in market research and intelligence, having consulted for multinational companies across various industries in Latin America, the USA, and Spain. She has held leadership positions at IBM, Ipsos and Pfizer, leading customer satisfaction studies and market research and intelligence for South America. Maryluz's background also includes political and public opinion research, where she consulted for over a decade in Venezuela and the Caribbean and analyzed public opinion for political media campaigns in the US. Her academic credentials include a Degree in Political Sciences, a Master's in Political Management from the George Washington University, and a Diploma of Expert in Market Research Data Analysis from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Elvira Gonzalez

Custom Research Manager

Elvira started her market research career at Garcia Research as part of the Full service team gaining expertise in quantitative methodology, where leaded the programming team. She later moved to the Cada cabeza Hispanic online panel team as assistant manager and she later moved to a leadership role.

Elvira joined ThinkNow team in 2017 and works in the Full service team as custom research manager where she is focused on the day-to-day management of projects. Elvira holds a B.S degree in Computation Engineering from Universidad Autonoma de Baja California.

Abhishek Raj

Director - Client Services & Bids

Abhishek Raj started his career as a Market Research Analyst at EvalueServe in 2006. After stints at uSamp and NextOn he joined ThinkNow in 2015 as part of the sample bid operations team. His responsibilities include online sampling, sample Management, bidding and vendor management. Abhishek has a degree in financial accounting and economics from Patna University in Bihar, India.

Angelica Gaxiola

VP of Panel Operations

Angelica received her B.S. in Chemistry and Biology from UMSNH in Mexico. She has 30 years of experience in marketing research. Angelica is bilingual, and she has managed all aspects of fielding quantitative studies, from bidding, questionnaire design, data collection, coding, translations, and data processing of results in both general and Hispanic market projects. While at GRA, Angelica managed four bilingual call centers and two Hispanic operations centers. In her role in GFK following the acquisition of Knowledge Networks, she led the Operations Center in Tijuana, MX that includes a bilingual call center, a coding/translations department and an online panel that specializes in US Hispanics. She also oversaw a data collection team and worked as a Costing Agent for the general market. With her experience overseeing multi-national teams, Angelica heads the ThinkNow online project management team leading members in the USA, LATAM, and India. In addition, she manages the Online Panel team ensuring that ThinkNow Panels provide high quality sample to our clients.

Julie Quinn

Government Proposal Writer

Julie has worked with government proposals for over 20 years starting her career in Washington, DC. At ThinkNow, she manages the proposal process by gathering, writing, reviewing, and coordinating requirements with contributors to meet proposal deadlines, for responses to Requests For Information (RFIs), Requests for Proposals (RFP), and Requests for Quotes (RFQs) for the Federal Government audience. She develops proposal content by assembling information from our Senior Researchers, which expresses methodology and approach, past performance, outcomes, and benefits. Julie created and maintains a government. proposal tracking databases to assist staff in managing the disposition of all solicitations that are responded to. The database also lists historical information which includes file locations, collaborations, partnership information, and other key data. She supports company management in editing drafts of presentations, technical documents, capabilities statements, one-sheets, and other marketing material. Some of her winning proposals led to contracts with the Department of Labor, the FDA, the IRS, LA Metro, and the California Lottery.

Kamal Sanjay Joshi

Director of Sample Operations

Kamal has been working with ThinkNow Since 2015. He started his Market research career in 2007 as a survey manager and was quickly promoted to team leader, assistant project manager and project manager. He has worked across different segments including managing complex ad-hoc and tracking studies. In his current role at ThinkNow he manages data collection in the online sample team to insure the highest possible quality in our projects.

Brenda Navarro

Panel Community Manager

I'm from Tijuana B.C. México but I have lived in México city for 14 years now. I'm 39 years old, married and have an 11-year-old daughter. I love going for walks with my daughter around the city, the movies, the theater, listening to music and traveling.

I have worked in this wonderful company for more than 10 years in which I have met beautiful people and we have worked as a team since then.

Martha Contreras

Market Research Manager

Martha graduated from the Universidad Anáhuac del Norte with a B.A. in Psychology. She began her career in 1998, serving as an Assistant Project Manager for a company performing Quality studies for Ford Motor Company.

Later Martha worked with different research agencies as a contractor and with this, she had her first contact with Pearson. She joined COPARMEX (Mexican Employers' Association) and worked directly with the Director, and in 2009 she would begin working with Pearson’s CEO, Manolo Barberena, in a combined project for Pearson and Wikipedia, which lead her to join the company as an associate for their Syndicated Studies Area.
In 2011 she was promoted to Project Manager which led her to work directly with several clients in Mexico and the U.S. A year later she won the “The Manolo Award for Future Industry Leaders in the Americas” given by ARIA (Americas Research industry Alliance) which gave her the opportunity of an internship at The NPD Group in Chicago.
By 2019 she left the company to join Grupo KP to become their Consumer Insights Manager for their Quantitative and Qualitative area. In 2021 she joined a Singaporean multinational technology company specializing in e-commerce, Shopee, for their launch in Mexico City as their Insights Manager. In 2023 she took another challenge and joined ThinkNow as manager in the custom research department.

Maria Victoria Gonzalez

Senior Account Executive - Online Sample LATAM

Graduated in communication with a strong focus on digital marketing and market research since 2010. My professional experience includes working in reputable advertising agencies and multinational market research companies, mainly in marketing, content development, and sales roles. My experience encompasses marketing campaign management, social media, email marketing, branding, market research, project management, and online sample sales. I have managed multicultural teams and love to collaborate with diverse teams to deliver extraordinary results.

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“ThinkNow is one of those rare communication agencies that recognizes and applies the moral and stategic value of cultural inclusiveness.”

“We consider ThinkNow Research a partner more than a vendor. At every level of interaction, they are fully engaged and embrace our business as if it was their own. We rely heavily on their expertise and understanding of the Hispanic audience.”

"We at Insight Latam carry out projects with panels in multiple countries in Latam, and definitely, ThinkNow has helped us to achieve our objectives, of quality levels and response times that we offer to our clients."

"We started working with ThinkNow during our media company and start-up careers - when we made the decision to launch our own strategic advisory dedicated to culture-forward business strategies; they were the natural choice to power our primary research requirements. Not only is their approach unique in a world drowning in often-useless diversity data, but they approach their work with a bias to excellence, service and character."

“ThinkNow Research has been an excellent partner to the Ad Council. They’ve been very flexible with our tracking study schedules, provided high quality input when developing our questionnaire and always deliver everything we ask for on time.”