Millennials Consumer Research

Millennials are the first digital generation, value experiences over possessions, and embrace their multicultural heritage

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are the first generation to come of age alongside the internet. This has shaped their consumer behavior, as they are more likely to research products and services online before purchasing and share their opinions and experiences on social media. Millennials are resistant to ownership sparking the rise of the sharing economy which enable them to use technology to get products and services without the burden of ownership. Multicultural Millennials, who comprise 42% of the generation, fully embrace their culture, which means they value and appreciate their cultural heritage, as reflected in their values, beliefs, and behaviors.

African American and Hispanic Millennials are more likely to watch TV through a mobile device

For all multicultural Millennials, there is a strong correlation between heritage and music

African American Millennials lean toward
the Android operating system