The Portability of Culture: Technology & Segmentation

April 14, 2021 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

Latino consumers continue to outpace the general market in technology use. This trend is driven primarily by the youth of this demographic. Nearly six in ten Hispanics are Millennials or younger, and Gen Z is the first majority-minority generation. These generations are digital natives and thrive on the mobile experience, which impacts how they interact with e-commerce, social media, and entertainment. 

More specifically, Hispanics over-index on e-commerce, especially among Hispanic Millennials, many of whom are bilingual, living in multigenerational households. They act as “digital sherpas,” interpreting the purchase experience for Spanish-dominant loved ones. Almost 70% of Millennials purchase something on behalf of a family member, which speaks to their collectivist nature.

For Hispanics, culture is portable, either through technology or proximity, enabling them to stay connected to loved ones in their countries of origin. Technology also delivers insights that enable marketers to segment consumers more effectively and deliver messaging in-culture, which counters the Total Market approach.  

This week, Roberto Orci, Executive Vice President of Strategic Growth at Captura Group, joins us on The New Mainstream podcast to discuss the shift to in-culture marketing and how technology and segmentation improve marketing performance.