Micro Cultural Insights Yield Hyper Engaged Audiences, Higher Conversion Rates

After college, Marissa Nance headed to New York City with just enough cash to cover a month of expenses and more than enough talent to land a job at one of the largest advertising agencies in the world. Fast forward a few years, this pioneering media expert, fearless marketing executive, and groundbreaking content producer with credits like “Survivor,” “Top Chef,” and “The Biggest Loser” to her name, launched Native Tongue Communications (NTC), the first and only minority-and-female-certified media agency in the U.S. committed to bringing to life innovative, thought-provoking and culturally relevant ideas that authentically connect brands to diverse and growing populations.

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3 Helpful Small Business Tips for Winning Federal Government Contracts

The U.S. federal government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world. For small businesses negatively impacted by the pandemic over the past two years, this may offer a glimmer of hope as many attempt to pivot to stay afloat. While several businesses were forced to close due to losses, new businesses were formed by laid-off or dissatisfied workers. But new firms are more vulnerable to economic swings.

Millennials, $70 Trillion Trust Fund Babies, Get Paid In The Great Wealth Transfer

Here’s a startling statistic. By 2042, Baby Boomers are poised to hand over as much as $70 trillion in inheritance to their heirs, and Millennials are the lucky demographic most likely to clean up. Boomers, affectionately named after the “boom” of babies born after World War 2, were the first generation in America to grow up in a prosperous middle class. Before the 1940s, luxuries like homeownership and vehicle ownership were reserved for the upper class. But between 1940 and 1960, four-fifths of American families owned at least one car, and homeownership increased to 61%.

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What Marketers Don’t Know About People With Disabilities

People with disabilities don’t want to be defined by the stigma of being differently abled. By celebrating people for who they are and adapting experiences through their lens, we get the privilege of seeing how they shine. ThinkNow ConneKt surveyed over 500 people with disabilities who identify as Non-Hispanic White, Hispanic, and African American and discovered these amazing stats.

Redefining Research In An Identity Economy

While debates about cancel culture, voting rights and who qualifies for which athletic competition percolate on the policy level, consumers are voting with their identities. Americans especially are demanding more specialized options for their pronouns, sexuality, race and ethnicity and — as employees — are resigning from their jobs by the millions for more meaningful work. These shifts in the U.S. markets are occurring fast and businesses must shift, too, starting with how they sample and research their customers and workforce, according to a new project helmed by multicultural research agencies, Insights in Color, where I serve on the board, Lucid and my company ThinkNow.

Coming Into Focus: 2021 Year In Review

This time last year, America was fresh off the high of a change in executive leadership. Americans started rolling up their sleeves for COVID-19 vaccinations, and the nation was undergoing a racial awakening generations in the making. Then a week into the new year, democracy was breached, and the ensuing fallout would test the ideals of what it means to be American. In our 2021 ThinkNow year-end report we examine the economic highs and lows of the past twelve months, and how consumers, in their resilience, have weathered the storms by tapping into their power and wielding it to demand a fair and just society for all.

Norwalk Brew House, Craft Beer On Purpose

Craft beer brands are carving out a significant niche in the beer industry. Mass market favorites like Bud Light, Miller Lite, and Michelob have dominated grocery and convenience store shelves for years but are now making room for craft beer alternatives targeting a growing contingent of beer drinkers preferring the nuanced flavors of local brews. But it’s not just the taste of craft beer that’s driving demand among enthusiasts.

The Black Consumer Project Finds Black Consumers Resilient and Optimistic

Mainstream media coverage of Black Americans often focuses on the economic and racial disparities that plague Black communities. These pressing societal issues, however, are not the only stories to tell. Black Americans have endured centuries of hardship yet have emerged vibrant, resilient, and optimistic, contributing culturally and economically to the prosperity of America. We explore this story in The Black Consumer Project. WATCH the playback here. The Black Consumer Project ThinkNow and Quantasy + Associates have teamed up to share the narrative of Black Americans as we see it through the lens of our consumer insights and ad agency work. Per the 2020 Census, 46.9 million Americans identify as African American or Black alone or a combination with another race. They contribute $1.4 trillion in annual spending, making them one of the country’s main economic drivers. Fortune 100 firms frequently retain our services to bring authenticity to marketing and media plans targeting Black consumers. But perhaps, more importantly, that authenticity gives a voice to a community that has been misrepresented in advertising since the dawn of the ad age. So, we launched The Black Consumer Project – a series of nationally representative surveys capturing the opinions of over 1,000 Black Americans and 500 non-Blacks to articulate the narrative of one of America’s most vibrant but often misunderstood consumer segments. The project uncovers the unique perspectives, behaviors, and preferences among African American consumers. The first of the several waves, Black Identity, releases in December 2021, focusing on values, self-perception, belief in “The American Dream,” and attitudes held by emerging Black affluent consumers. Future waves will focus on industry specific verticals such as Media & Entertainment, Financial Services and Health & Wellness. Black Identity We use the

The Rise of the Multi-Billion Dollar ResTech Industry

The online sample market was thrust into the spotlight late this year with two big announcements. Cint acquired Lucid for a whopping $1.1 billion, and Zendesk acquired Momentive Global (Survey Monkey) in a $4 billion deal. These two acquisitions underscore the growing popularity of research technology and validate the value of data insights. This is a win for all parties involved, including online sample providers like ThinkNow, who have delivered quality sample and multicultural consumer insights for the past ten years.

America Goes Multicultural, Get Ready For The New Norm

In port cities like Miami and New York, it’s common for people of Latin American or Spanish descent to identify with their countries of origin. However, the term “Hispanic” becomes more prevalent the further inland you go, as immigrant communities assimilate to the American way of life defined by labels. The label “Hispanic” represents a diverse mix of cultures, traditions, and ideals that define this young consumer group wielding its purchasing power in support of culturally sensitive brands.