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We help brands increase their reach by up to 70% by providing the most accurate zero-party diverse and multicultural audience data.

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+100 global brands are increasing their audience with our insights
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    You can find ThinkNow Audiences in all major DSP’s

    Reach New Market Segments and Authentically connect with them

    We deliver insight solutions for the rapidly evolving U.S. consumer that help businesses and brands make impactful marketing campaigns and reduce risk.

    • Five major marketing groups
    • 26 sub-audience specialty segments
    • Custom segments options
    • Programmatic platform activation
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    US Hispanic US Hispanic

    Improve your audience

    Of our clients increase their audience reach with our insights
    100 Million+
    Impressions delivered from our data
    32 million
    Increase in sales with the new market segmentation
    50 Million+
    Dollars saved from poor targeting

    How does it work?

    We use the power of Zero-Party Data to help brands connect with highly

    thinknow Audiences ThinkNow Audiences
    • Highly curated audiences
    • Self identified
    • No third-party cookie data
    • Activated through major DSPs and DV360
    • Scalable audiences
    How does it work?

    Why IS Zero-party data so powerful?

    Zero-party data finds balance between privacy concerns and delivering positive customer experience
    Inferred Data Observed Data Self-reported Data
    Third-party data
    • Inferred Household
    • Income
    • Mobile devices
    • Set-top box data
    • Purchase preferences
    • Social media page likes
    Second-party data
    • Product / category preferences
    • Web cookie data
    • Self-identified household income
    First-party data
    • Cross-device identify matching
    • Loyalty program activity
    • Purchase history
    • Date of birth
    • Email address
    Zero-party data
    • Preferences insights and purchase interactions given freely

    Our clients are growing their audience with our insights

    “ThinkNow is one of those rare communication agencies that recognizes and applies the moral and stategic value of cultural inclusiveness.”

    “We consider ThinkNow Research a partner more than a vendor. At every level of interaction, they are fully engaged and embrace our business as if it was their own. We rely heavily on their expertise and understanding of the Hispanic audience”

    “ThinkNow is one of those rare communication agencies that recognizes and applies the moral and stategic value of cultural inclusiveness.”

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have identified LGBTQIA and persons with disability audiences, and we're in the progress of adding additional hard-to-reach audience segments.

    ThinkNow Audience's identifies Hispanic, African American, and Asian Americans.

    ThinkNow Audience only relies on zero-party data, we’re not facing the same restrictions of those related to third-party data collection. ThinkNow Audience data collection and model is derived from opt-in panelists agreeing to participate in survey-based data gathering.

    Absolutely. That is at the core of what we do. Through reliable self-identified user surveys, we have created precise ethnicity targets.

    To date, ThinkNow Audiences has 26 audience segments. This list is expanding as we continually add new segments based on identified desirable verticals.

    We try to do it every Quarter, but we hope to do it on a monthly basis.

    Yes, but we would have to analyze each case. You can contact our Account Executive - Emmily Maduro and set up a short meeting.

    Web/Display, mobile, and CTV

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