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The leading online source of Hispanic consumer insights in the U.S. and Latin America

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Hispanic online panels

ThinkNow’s team of Hispanic market research leaders, are key contributors to the evolution of Hispanic online research.

We have developed a proven model for successfully reaching the Hispanic audience through portal messaging in both English and Spanish, creating a culturally relevant and rewarding incentive structure that keeps respondents engaged., our premier Hispanic online panel, is the preferred source for double opt-in Hispanic sample in the United States and Latin American countries. In addition, ThinkNow’s Minority Business Owner Panel gives companies access to owners of small, minority, women, and veteran owned businesses across the U.S. to inform business, marketing and policy decisions.


Minority business owners

Minority business owners in the U.S. have experienced an unprecedented growth over the last two decades, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American communities are driving the surge of startups across multiple industries, benefiting from favorable economic conditions and improved access to capital.

To serve the needs of this growing community, ThinkNow applied its extensive experience in buildingminority online panels to creating the first minority business online panel.


Minority Business Owners.


of small businesses owned by Hispanics.


of small businesses owned by women.

How it works

Recruitment Methodology
We attract and maintain qualified and engaged respondents.
We manage all of our marketing channels in-house.
We have exclusive partnerships with Hispanic and Latin American themed websites for specific recruitments.
We put the integrity of our sample as the highest priority.

Transparent Registration
All of our respondents identify themselves.
We clearly identify who we are, which builds a transparent two-way street.
We provide Terms of Use and Privacy Policies so all respondents understand their rights and responsibilities.
All potential respondents are required too complete a double opt-in process.

Security & Validation
Relevant ID Technology: gathers data points from a respondent’s device to create a unique digital fingerprint that eliminates the possibility of duplicate respondents taking a survey.
Validation by Voice: uses a dedicated call center to verify and activate every panelist. This helps us to build trust with respondents, which has led to a response rate of nearly 20%.
We deliver results

Dish Latino

TV service provider Dish LATINO was looking for a partner to conduct an ongoing brand health and advertising tracking study. The research objective was to better understand the U.S. Latino consumer across four acculturation levels, including the difficult-to-reach unacculturated segment.

A tracking study to monitor key metrics for the brand and its competitors
A vehicle to test the recall

ThinkNow created a custom hybrid solution for Dish LATINO to meet the needs of the study. Using our proprietary Hispanics panel (DigaYGane™) and intercept-to-online methods across several U.S. markets, ThinkNow has conducted ten waves and more than 10,000 interviews since 2016. The Hispanic sample includes quotas for four acculturation levels:

  • Unacculturated
  • Spanish
  • Dominant Bicultural
  • English-Dominant Bicultural, and English Dominant

ThinkNow provides a detailed report for over 15 waves where the results are analyzed in-depth and compared to previous waves.

These research insights have helped the brand and its agency tailor its messaging and strategy for its target audience. Dish LATINO can monitor its brand health among U.S. Latinos and stay on top of important trends impacting the TV service industry, including the adoption of TV online streaming services. The study has also allowed Dish LATINO to periodically test new messaging, TV ads, and product/service concepts.

Reasons to partner with us

Industry Specialists
Industry Specialists
Our research specialist are key contributors to the evolution of Hispanic online research.
Top providers
Top providers
ThinkNow is the top supplier for Spanish Dominant Hispanics in the U.S., with 130,000 active panelists and growing.
Reach without barriers
Reach without barriers
Our Latin American panels encompass over half a million panelists throughout Central and South America.
Building new audiences
Building new audiences
We also have applied our experience building minority online panels to create the first minority business online panel.
Giving minorities a voice
Giving minorities a voice
This Minority B2B panel provides a platform for minority, women and veteran business owners to express their opinions, and for companies to gain insights of new product and service offerings.
Specialty Audiences
Specialty Audiences
We create custom panels and communities for clients using our proprietary panel recruitment methods.


Using the right message in the right media. We are the only panel that spends 80% of the recruitment budget on Spanish-language media and Hispanic themed content sites, thus making it easier for us to reach our target audience.

We use a point-based acculturation system in 4 categories: Years lived in the U.S., language spoken at home, cultural identification, and media consumption.

We guarantee high–quality sample through practices such as double opt-in, software security, and phone verification.

Our call center support office provides a personal touch to our respondents coupled with our incentive system.

Our national Hispanic recruitment efforts focus on the four U.S. census regions and nine sub-regions. We then set recruitment quotas within the regions to reflect Country of origin, age, income, education, and language preferences of the Hispanic population, providing the most representative Hispanic sample available on the market.

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