Bilingual, Bicultural Children Shape Hispanic Purchase Decisions and Brand Advocacy

December 17, 2020 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

Bilingual and bicultural Latino Americans often serve as “digital sherpas,” or guides, for foreign-born family members who have yet to master the American ethos and language. Navigating the intersectionality of both U.S. and Latino value systems, these interpreters often inform brand and product purchases, search, and content consumption for friends and family members from an early age.

These “digital sherpas” wield their authority at many points in their lives by influencing purchase decisions and demystifying new technologies and services. This sphere of influence only continues to grow as they mature, making them critical players in the Hispanic buyers’ journey and an essential cohort for marketers who wish to connect with Hispanic buyers emotionally and build long-term brand advocates.

This week, Maria Twena, Global Head of Consumer X at 9th Wonder, returns to the ThinkNow New Mainstream podcast to discuss her new children’s book, School Crossing. The book is the first in the MariVi Master Navigator series and explores the challenges faced by bilingual/bicultural children of immigrants and details how conflicting cultures create “culturally agnostic” or hybrid American and Latino experiences.