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ThinkNow ConneKt is the MarTech segmentation solution focused on the multicultural market.

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Discover the segments that matter

ConneKt delivers on-demand multicultural insights to help you define and refine your custom audience using demographics, behaviors, psychographics, and more.

Build deeper profiles

Go beyond traditional demographic targeting and develop a comprehensive view of your target audience.

Accelerate your strategy

Spend less time gathering data and more time generating insights.
Make sense of your target audience across thousands of consumer variables. ConneKt helps you tailor your messaging, cross-channel marketing, and media planning for better ROI.

  • ✓     Login and use the platform anytime, anywhere. Get instant access to ConneKt through your web browser.
  • ✓     Gain a deeper understanding of key similarities and differences among targets using comparison mode.
  • ✓     Share your findings with team members and clients via email or excel exports.
  • ✓     Never lose your work with saved targets. Revisit saved targets to optimize your target audience.

Strategy starts with data

Mobile Tracking

Websites visited / GPS / Search strings / Apps used

First–Party Data

Over 1.5 million data points gathered across thousands of surveys

Panel Profile Data

Zip Code / Age / Gender / Ethnicity / Acculturation / Language

Customer Success Story

A Leading Media Company


A leading media company that reaches and engages U.S. Latinos across acculturation levels and media channels, as well as consumers in Mexico. The company’s comprehensive portfolio incorporates integrated media and marketing solutions comprised of acclaimed television, radio, digital properties, events, and data analytics services.

Business Challenge

Current MarTech Solutions did not accurately represent their target markets. With multiple subscriptions to multiple MarTech and On-Demand Insights solutions, hundreds of thousands of dollars a year were being wasted as none of the solutions gave accurate insights into minority populations.


ThinkNow ConneKt was able to provide a leading media company with a 360 degree solution that was representative of Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, and non-Hispanic whites for a fraction of the cost. ConneKt also provide behavioral data of their target consumers that previous subscriptions did not provide.


The leading media company sales team increased their win rate by 12%, accounting for millions more in revenue through their use of ThinkNow ConneKt data for pitches.


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