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Hispanic Voter Study

Industry: Politics
Market: United States
Demographics: U.S. Hispanics

Background: In September 2020, AARP/NGL Media conducted a study titled "Salud, Dinero y Amor in the Time of COVID-19" to gain insights into the mindset and attitudes of US Hispanics aged 35+ during the COVID-19 era, particularly as the 2020 elections approached. The research aimed to uncover their concerns, priorities, and potential election-related issues.

Research Solution: The study used a two-phase methodology. First, 46 self-identified Latino participants on online discussion boards were used for the qualitative study. These volunteers came from various states and cultural backgrounds, were evenly distributed by gender, and represented different age groups. Phase 2 featured a 1,000 Hispanic and 350 non-Hispanic online survey.

Results: The study revealed Hispanics were worried about their health, finances, the state of the country, their families, and their personal well-being. Participants highlighted concerns over job insecurity, income loss, and price increases. The country's division, violence, prejudice, and deterioration of ideals severely worried many.

Participants discussed their emotional responses to the pandemic, including feelings of concern, irritation, dread, and uncertainty. Spanish speakers differed from English speakers in expressing more concern about the COVID-19 virus' effects. Most participants thought it was important to vote in the 2020 presidential election. The importance of Latino participation was highlighted by eligible voters' commitment to casting ballots.

Despite masking requirements and other precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus, many Hispanics intended to cast their ballots in person because they saw voting as a civic responsibility. The group was reminded of the significance of their votes during the 2020 elections amidst a pandemic, economic downturn, and widespread social unrest.