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Optimizing Media Tracking to Engage the Hispanic Market

Industry: Media
Market: United States
Demographics: U.S. Hispanics

Background: A large media tracking firm was tasked with measuring the persuasiveness of a national ad campaign with multiple creative executions targeting English and Spanish speakers. They ran a feasibility test before launching the project and were unhappy with the results.

Challenge: When they reviewed their initial study results, they noticed that most of the Hispanic respondents taking their survey were English-dominant and fully acculturated. Low diversity and a lack of Spanish speakers in their consumer research panels skewed their results, hindering their ability to gain valuable insights into the preferences of this key demographic.

Solution: The company's research director turned to ThinkNow, which operates, a panel of Spanish-dominant Hispanics participating in consumer research. ThinkNow's expertise in multicultural research, particularly targeting the Hispanic market, ensured representative and accurate survey responses from qualified and reliable panelists. The panelists for this study were carefully selected based on age, gender, income, geography, country of origin, language proficiency, media habits and acculturation levels.

With ThinkNow's support, the media tracking firm obtained a robust dataset of Hispanic survey respondents, providing comprehensive insights into the Hispanic market's preferences and behaviors. This benchmark study helped them successfully measure the effectiveness of their client's campaign. The media tracking firm will use the sample frame created by ThinkNow for all its multicultural studies moving forward.