[Webinar] Hispanic Travel Trends

August 29, 2016 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

Hispanics Travel, Affluent Hispanics TRAVEL

The National Tour Association conducted a webinar on Hispanic travel trends which was presented by Mario X. Carrasco, managing partner at ThinkNow Research.

The webinar discusses transportation habits of U.S. Hispanic travelers, as well as travel habits, preferences, booking, amusement parks, transportation, average spend, destinations and more.

The travel industry has been going through a transformative period as travel agents and tour operators are struggling to compete with online booking and self-guided vacations driven by online review sites. Hispanics present a unique opportunity for the travel industry and the space is open for brands and companies to make real headway with this demographic. If targeted correctly, U.S. Hispanics can be a saving grace in an industry hit hard by online players.

Our blog focuses on a potential target within the U.S. Hispanic demographic that presents a large opportunity for the travel industry, affluent Hispanics, defined as household incomes $80K+. Our larger report available for purchase delves into all income levels.

You can download the report below:

Download this study.