[Webinar] ThinkNow Entrepreneurship Report 2018

ThinkNow conducted a national survey of 1,291 Americans aged 18-64 across various ethnic groups. We asked them about their interest in starting businesses, industries chosen, revenue goals, motivations, barriers and utilization of support services. The results are both eye-opening and potentially concerning. Overall, we found that the desire to start new businesses, revenue goals for those businesses and challenges experienced by their founders are not evenly distributed by gender and ethnicity.

#QualOnTheStreet: ThinkNow Drive™ Auto Buying Trends & Habits

The automotive industry is showing early signs of becoming one of 2017’s fastest evolving industries. Our latest market research study, ThinkNow Drive™ reveals what’s driving automobile buying trends and habits among Total Market consumers. Watch as our street team takes over The Fade Factory Barber Shop in Burbank, CA. Learn what drives car purchases and the adoption of autonomous tech.

[Video] Cross-Cultural Gen Z: How to Think About Culture & Ethnicity with Gen Z

ThinkNow co-Founder Mario X. Carrasco recently presented our latest research findings on Gen Z at the 2017 Qual360 North America Conference at Gallup’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. Entitled “Cross-Cultural Gen Z: How to Think About Culture & Ethnicity with Gen Z”, Mario shared key insights about this young cohort, such as how they interpret culture and ethnicity and the role these factors play in their lifestyle choices and purchasing habits.

[Video] ThinkNow Pulse™ 2017 Hispanic Consumer Sentiment Study

Our recent online survey, ThinkNow Pulse™ Hispanic Consumer Sentiment, tracked trends and household finances among U.S. Hispanics and non-Hispanics, ages 18-64. The study revealed some interesting facts on household finances and consumer spending projections for the year.

[Webinar] Hispanic Travel Trends

Hispanics Travel, Affluent Hispanics TRAVEL The National Tour Association conducted a webinar on Hispanic travel trends which was presented by Mario X. Carrasco, managing partner at ThinkNow Research. The webinar discusses transportation habits of U.S. Hispanic travelers, as well as travel habits, preferences, booking, amusement parks, transportation, average spend, destinations and more.

[Video] Fast Food Restaurants Report 2016

What Are Consumers Lovin’ About Fast Food? Maybe Not What You Think The fast food industry is projected only to grow about 2% annually over the next five years according to IBIS World. As a result, many top fast food chains have tried to meet the challenge of presenting menu items for price-sensitive customers who want healthy options. However, is that what they really want? We conducted a nationwide survey researching 600N Hispanics, 250N African-Americans, 250N Asian, and 250N non-Hispanic whites on the topic of fast food & at the preferences among total market consumers eating at quick service restaurants

[Video] What We Know About Multiculturals and Virtual Reality

The Future of Virtual Multicultural Reality Virtual Reality has been feeling like it is on the cusp of being main stream for s