ThinkNow Hispanic Sample Evangelists! The Why Behind the Buy

July 8, 2019 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

We are excited to launch our Hispanic Sample Evangelists series where we feature dynamic brands who have entrusted ThinkNow with their Hispanic sample needs. In this first installment, we interviewed April Lainez, Brand Manager for the health and beauty brand, DLC Laboratories.

  • Please introduce yourself and tell us about your role.

My name is April Lainez, Brand Manager for a health and beauty brand targeted towards Latinos and a long history of developing products with bilingual labels (English/Spanish).

  • What objective drove your need for Hispanic sample?

As the company pushed forth new product development and relaunching various heritage brands targeted towards Latinos, there was a need for a Hispanic sample.

  • What are the typical challenges you face conducting research targeted to Hispanic / multicultural audiences?

As the company began the research to relaunch two heritage brands, we discovered the Hispanic panels we were using weren’t large enough to fulfill our research needs for 2018-2020. Additionally, there was panel overlap and the fulfillment time was long.

  • Why did you reach out to ThinkNow?

I was looking for an agency that was experienced with multicultural marketing. I found ThinkNow Research, met with Mario, and ran a test panel. There was no looking back. ThinkNow Research fulfills all of our panel needs.

  • How has your experience been with ThinkNow?

The experience has been great. The Project Management team set up a training session with our Marketing team. ThinkNow Research is always quick to respond and have been able to fulfill all of our panel needs.

We are grateful for our clients and honored to be able to share April’s experience with ThinkNow’s Hispanic panel.