The ThinkNow Research Team: Expertise To Power Your Brand

June 24, 2019 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

Attracting and engaging consumers paves the road to sales and revenue for companies. Of these consumers, one segment, in particular, will represent more than 50% of the total consumer base within the next 20 years. For companies focusing on younger consumers ages 18-29, this consumer will be more than 50% of all consumers in less than ten years. Chances are, your company, like most, doesn't understand these consumers despite the significant impact they will have on your company in the future.

So, how do you gain insight into an audience with so much potential yet no relationship with your brand? Would you turn to a company focused solely on this consumer or one with a department, or more realistically, a person that heads up a division within a large organization?

Well, the consumer described above is the multicultural consumer, and the majority of companies turn to large market research firms with a few hires specializing in multicultural research. But the company looking to future proof their business will seek guidance from a firm with decades of experience researching multicultural consumers and a direct line to them through an in-house Hispanic online panel.

That’s what we offer at ThinkNow, and the credentials of our team of market researchers show you just how good we are at doing our job:

Carlos Yanez, SVP of Custom Research

Carlos Yanez is a marketing research expert with an emphasis on researching the U.S. Hispanic population as well as other multicultural and general population consumers. Carlos began his career at Garcia Research Associates, one of the first full-service companies dedicated to researching the U.S. Hispanic market.

During his tenure there, Carlos designed and managed quantitative and qualitative research studies for a wide variety of clients who wanted to learn about the Hispanic market and how they could better target and relate to this growing population. Carlos later joined Knowledge Networks/GfK as Senior Research Director in the Multicultural Group where he designed and managed research studies that focused on multicultural audiences and was often brought in by internal project teams to consult on their Hispanic research studies.

In his current role at ThinkNow, Carlos heads up the full-service department that conducts many large-scale, multi-mode research projects across several categories utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Carlos holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from California Polytechnic University – Pomona, CA and a Bachelor of Science – Marketing Management with a Research Concentration. Born in Mexico and raised in Los Angeles, Carlos is bilingual and bicultural.

Jannet Torres, VP of Custom Research

Jannet Torres is a seasoned researcher with expertise in qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Jannet spent the first decade of her professional career at Hispanic Market Connections (HMC), one of the pioneer market research firms focused on studying the U.S. Hispanic market and helping advertisers understand their potential with this target. Then, at Knowledge Networks (later acquired by GfK), Jannet spent 16 years in the Client Services team working with clients in the design and execution of research programs, with a focus on retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG). She also played a key role in the launch of one of the first Hispanic online panels, KnowledgePanel Latino, and the growth of GfK’s Multicultural practice. Jannet’s strengths are in working with clients to gain insights into their categories and understanding their potential among U.S. consumers, particularly the Hispanic market.

As a bilingual-bicultural researcher, Jannet has a unique understanding of the Hispanic culture and the acculturation process into mainstream America. She is a trained moderator, with an emphasis on Spanish-speaking audiences, and has been praised by clients for her ability to establish rapport with consumers of different ages, acculturation levels, socio-economic status, and countries of origin. Jannet is well-versed in quantitative methodologies such as segmentation, key driver analysis, and brand resonance.

A native of Venezuela, Jannet holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Tennessee Tech University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Market Research from the University of South Carolina.

ThinkNow's custom market research team has built their careers in multicultural research utilizing quantitative, qualitative, and marketing methodologies that have evolved over the decades. That’s the level of experience you need on your team. The future of consumers is multicultural, and our team is uniquely qualified to help you turn data points into actionable insights.

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