[Podcast] ThinkNow Mobile App Trends Report 2018

August 21, 2018 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

ThinkNow Mobile App Report: Why Brands Are Turning Back To Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are experiencing a retail renaissance. Nike’s revenue has done a complete 180 this year, showing one of their strongest quarters in the past decade, driven primarily by their new mobile strategy which leveled up its mobile app to include gamification features. Starbucks’ mobile app has transformed the way coffee lovers order and pay for their favorite brews, and McDonalds’ new mobile app strategy has managed to appeal to younger consumers and lower labor costs. For a technology that’s showing its age (apps have been around for a decade now), it’s exciting to see a renewed interest in it by retailers and brands, despite a string of headlines alluding to “the death of the mobile app.”

In our 4th edition of ThinkNow Mobile, we look at mobile app usage across the total market, seeking generational, ethnic, and gender differences in app usage that will assist marketers in their quest to create bespoke marketing campaigns.

Special guest, Maria Twena from Second Generation Soy, joins Mario X. Carrasco, Managing Partner at ThinkNow Research, for the #ThinkNowMRX Podcast Series to discuss the findings of the Thinknow Mobile App Trends Report 2018.

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