Beyond the Register – The Correlation Between Multicultural Employees and Consumers

February 4, 2021 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

Diversity, equity, and inclusion took center stage in 2020, with many brands rushing to restructure internal teams and re-evaluate advertising campaigns in response to calls for social justice. There was a cultural shift among the general population. Multicultural consumers became the focal point, and forward-thinking brands responded by creating culturally relevant marketing that appealed to multicultural consumers. 

But the relationship between the brand and the multicultural consumer extends beyond the register to those running the register. Multicultural employees wield tremendous influence over the brand experience. When these employees feel valued and heard, they often become brand ambassadors among shoppers and within their communities. As a result, they have the potential to influence purchase habits. To create more holistic experiences for diverse audiences, brands must go beyond traditional DEI initiatives and study the intersectionality of employees, customers, and their communities and how these dynamics affect brand affinity.

This week, Solomon Bennett, Director of Marketing Guest Insights at Target, is our guest on The New Mainstream podcast presented by ThinkNow to discuss the importance of multicultural employee perspectives to brand strategy and customer experience.