How To Make Market Research Online Communities More Affordable

November 14, 2016 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

Utilize non-research community platforms to harness the power of market research online communities at a lower cost.

Market research online communities provide market research companies with an efficient and convenient way to reach a specific target audience. So with all the advantages they provide, why aren’t all companies investing in them? It’s simple: cost. Starting a community seems out of reach for many small to medium size business budgets.

How does a company who cannot afford the price tag for a market research online community set one up? ThinkNow Research has the answer to that question. On Monday, November 21st, ThinkNow Research is holding a FREE live webinar.

Ready to find out how communities can be more affordable? Tune in to learn:

  • Why market research online communities are expensive
  • How you can cut your community upfront investment almost in half
  • Which non-research community platforms to utilize

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