Specialization Is The Future of Market Research Panels

The meteoric rise of routers, aggregators, and programmatic sampling over the last decade has pushed the boundaries of innovation for delivering online sample. But the same can’t be said for market research panels. Innovation has stalled, boasting minor improvements such as social sign-in, additions of qualitative components to panel infrastructure, and creative incentive solutions. The architecture, however, remains largely in-tact, a near replica of panels past since their advent in the early 2000s. So, the big question for panel is, what’s clogging the innovation pipeline?

How To Make Market Research Online Communities More Affordable

Utilize non-research community platforms to harness the power of market research online communities at a lower cost. Market research online communities provide market research companies with an efficient and convenient way to reach a specific target audience. So with all the advantages they provide, why aren’t all companies investing in them?

Top 9 Tips for Building a Hispanic MROC

A successful and fruitful market research community (MROC) requires thorough planning in order to gain consumer insights that were previously unrealized. There are many useful guidelines and tips that describe how to implement best practices when building and sustaining a community, but few ever address how to build an MROC meant for Hispanic users.

January 7th, 2015|Blog, Hispanic Communities, MROC|

What is MROC?

Unlike other research modes that have clear definitions, the market research online community (MROC) has had a difficult time of clearly defining itself.

July 18th, 2012|Blog, MROC|

Is 2012 the year of the MROC?

When initially thinking about the title for this blog, I wanted to come out with a bold, attention grabbing statement such as “2012 is the year of the MROC”. Then I realized that the market research blogosphere is flooded with these types of claims and this type of hyperbole made me realize that one cannot say that 2012 will be THE year of the MROC, but for your organization it should be.

January 17th, 2012|Blog, MROC|