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Reports of the Death of Broadcast Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Over the past 10-15 years we’ve been preparing for the demise of television and the advent of our new digital future where the 30 second ad is dead and all a content is viewed in time-shifted, personally-curated, mobile-screen sized formats.

Advertising and the Bilingual Brain

I was recently asked by National Geographic’s Spanish language cable channel, NatGeo Mundo, to help conduct some research on the effects of bilingual advertising on U.S. bilingual Hispanic consumers. This was an especially timely request since there is currently a heated debate going on as to which language advertisers should use to communicate with U.S. Hispanics.

Not All Millennials Are Abandoning Big Beer

(Disclaimer: All data cited in this post are from respondents 21+.) Craft Beer has been dominating the alcoholic beverage scene for the past several years and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The large domestic brewers have been taking notice and have been playing the defensive through some recent advertising and through the acquisition of craft beer brands.

August 31st, 2015|Blog, Hispanic Millennials|

Beyond Hispanic Over-Indexing: Binge-Viewing

Hispanics over-index in [insert every product and service here]. Every day we find out how Hispanics over-index in everything from mobile coupons to hamburgers. While interesting data, it doesn’t really provide marketers with the insight needed to effectively target Hispanic consumers. We are guilty of contributing to the over-indexing story because as a market-researcher, we are tasked with reporting the numbers.

[ INFOGRAPHIC ] How do Millennials Embrace Ethnic Food & Beverages?

Based on the 4th wave of our Millennial research, we've created an infographic highlighting some key points on Millennials and their ethnic product consumption. Click here to download the full detailed report and learn more about Millennials and their food & beverage consumption.

U.S. Millennials: Multicultural Differences in Food, Beverage & Alcohol Consumption

The U.S. Millennial population has been in the headlines a lot as of late – “Millennials Overtake Baby Boomers as Largest Generation”, “Millennials Surpass Gen Xers as the Largest Generation in the U.S. Labor Force” and “The Millennial Takeover Continues” are a sampling of the tone that most of these headlines share. The impression one might get from reading these articles is that this generation marches lockstep in the same direction and has similar goals, desires and preferences. If that were true, it would make things a lot easier for marketers, but that is not at all the case. We just completed Wave 4 of The Millennial Project, our joint research study with the Sensis Ad agency, and

[Infographic] Hispanic Millennials and Their Finances

In our continuous Hispanic Millennial research project with Sensis, we aim to provide you with innovative insights to understand the consumer behaviors of Hispanic Millennials vs. non-Hispanic Millennials. This 3rd wave of research will help you understand how they feel about banks, wealth, investments, and other products and services in the financial industry. Take a look at our infographic to discover some crucial information from our thorough downloadable report. We are pleased to offer free of charge the full contents of the report referenced here. Please click the link below to get your copy now.

February 13th, 2015|Blog, Hispanic Millennials, Infographic|

Hispanic Millennials and Financial Services

This post outlines some of the findings from the 3rd Wave of the Hispanic Millennial Project, the groundbreaking study we’ve done in conjunction with Sensis.

January 18th, 2015|Blog, Hispanic Millennials|

Hispanic Millennials and Healthcare [Infographic]

We are pleased to present a few key findings from Wave 2 of our Hispanic Millennial Project dealing with healthcare. Prepared in partnership with Sensis, the Hispanic Millennial Project looks at Hispanic millennials in comparison to non-Hispanic millennials as well as their older Hispanic (35+) counterparts along a number of key issues.

October 15th, 2014|Blog, Hispanic Millennials, Infographic|

The Hispanic Health Paradox – Will it Hold for Hispanic Millennials?

U.S. Hispanics, on average, live longer than non-Hispanic whites. How can this be? Non-Hispanics whites have higher income and education levels which tend to correlate with longer life expectancy. This is known as the Hispanic Health Paradox.

October 2nd, 2014|Blog, Hispanic Millennials|