[Video] Binge Viewing Over The Long Memorial Day Weekend

May 25, 2016 Author: Roy Eduardo Kokoyachuk

Binge Viewing Increases Are Particularly Heightened Among U.S. Hispanics Across All Age Groups

Binge viewing has not slowed down in 2016. Streaming services’ plot to keep us on our couches for as long as possible is working. And with the extended Memorial Day holiday weekend upon us, some of us won't see the light of day until Tuesday! Thankfully instacart is coming to more cities now so we can get our groceries delivered to us while we binge watch the last four seasons of House of Cards.

Our blog zeroed in on Hispanic binge viewing behavior versus other ethnicities, where we see that Hispanics are the most likely to binge watch their favorite show while non-Hispanic Whites are the least likely to. 42% of Hispanics report preferring to watch three or more episodes of their favorite show back-to-back vs. only 31% of non-Hispanic Whites.

Our report delves deeper into the binge viewing habits of not only Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites, but also African-American and Asian viewers. Our data points to viewer habits that vary across ethnicities and our previous reports point to a distinct cultural difference in terms of the types of storylines that resonate with each group.

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