Mobile Accessibility Critical For Hispanic Respondents

December 14, 2015 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

Mobile friendly panel sites and apps are a must for all panels nowadays. With email waning in importance among millennials and even more so with Gen Z, panel companies are scrambling to move their panels to a more mobile friendly environment. Sometimes completely ditching the traditional panel portal and opting for a fully mobile application instead.

While having a mobile friendly panel portal or app is critical, it is even more critical when reaching the U.S. Hispanic population.

According to a recent Pew Study, Hispanics and whites are equally likely to access the internet and send or receive email from a cell phone. Though they are no more likely than whites to access the internet from a cell phone, Hispanics are more likely to do so in lieu of a home internet connection. Some 6% of Hispanics report that they access the internet from a cell phone but have no internet access at home.

Technology Use by Race & Ethnicity

For almost 10% of Hispanics, cell phones are the single point of entrance to the internet. When creating nationally representative samples, this 10% is critical in gaining a true picture of U.S. Hispanics. Non-Hispanic whites have broadband internet penetration of 65% (traditionally needed to access a panel portal at home), while Hispanics only have a broadband penetration of 45%, making it even more critical to ensure your panel is easily accessible through the mobile web or an app.

Here at ThinkNow Research, we have put a lot of effort in ensuring our panel and mobile panel reaches the largest percentage of U.S. Hispanics as our sample clients are most interested in the mobile heavy audience, low acculturated/Spanish-dominant Hispanics. Our panel portal is device agnostic and we also have mobile applications that make it even easier for Hispanics to interact with us on a mobile only basis.

Digaygane mobile

Mobile accessibility is critical for all audiences in our increasingly mobile world. However when looking at U.S. Hispanic audiences, this imperative is even more pronounced when you consider home internet connection and the increase in mobile only households among Hispanic households.

Panel companies offering Hispanic sample can easily be vetted for mobile friendliness by visiting their panel portal on your mobile device. If it doesn’t render, have a conversation with our account manager about how they account for mobile only Hispanic households as your response rate will increase significantly when factoring in mobile optimization.