Is Black Girl Travel Magic? Decoding Travel Habits

April 14, 2022 Author: Jonathan Saquicili

The 2017 film Girls Trip paid homage to Black women shouting “wheels up” as they board flights to various destinations around the world. A study of 900+ Black millennial women found that 42% have taken 1-2 vacations over 5+ days in the past 24 months, and an additional 28% have taken 3-4 vacations over the same period.

Pre-Trip Planning

For Black women, preparing for the trip is just as important as taking the trip. This is where brands come in. Most respondents state they shop online a few times a month, with clothing making up 52% of purchases. When deciding what to buy, they’re most influenced by family and friends, with brands influencing their decision a quarter of the time. So that means they’re checking in with their girlfriends on which outfits to take and which shoes to wear, and which site has the best deals, especially if they’re traveling together, to ensure that when they touch down in their chosen city, everything is on point.

Sixty-three percent of respondents state brand authenticity – defined as honesty, caring about the consumer, and high-quality products – is also important. Interestingly, 62% said they have not unfollowed or criticized a brand online, but they’ve likely directed their dollars to the brand that most resonates with them.

Booking Travel

When it comes to booking travel, 59% of respondents state they book online, and 46% prefer package deals. Twenty percent of vacationers say they booked their vacation four weeks ahead of time.

While nearly all travelers state they’ve traveled within the US, nearly half say they’ve traveled outside the US. Top destinations outside the US include Africa, the Bahamas, and Jamaica. Domestically, travelers still seem to favor warm climates as 40% plan to visit Disney World in Florida in the next 12 months.

Black Girl Travel Demographics

On social media, #BlackGirlTravel shows a thriving demographic. Black women are characterized as caring, trustworthy, and responsible. Our data shows that 48% state having enough money set aside for a rainy day, 49% state they sometimes “self-indulge” (and that’s OK!), and when thinking about the future,19% are looking to take out a mortgage which is a step toward building generational wealth.

Brands looking to reach this demographic are most likely to do so through digital streaming (60%) or cable TV (44%). The top watched networks are ABC, BET, and VH1.

It’s a big world out there, and Black millennial women want to explore its four corners. So they invest in themselves and set money aside to ensure they can do that while reaching their financial goals.

Basic Demographics:

    • Household income of $50-60,000
    • 34% have at least some college education
    • 42% own their own home
    • Age: 23-38 (Millennials)