Auto Insurance Decision Makers Rank Trust A Priority When Deciding To Buy

September 29, 2020 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

According to IBISWorld, automobile insurance is a $300 billion industry in the United States with growth surpassing that of the national economy. Despite the rise of the sharing economy and sentiment shifting to eco friendlier ways of travel, the vast majority of consumers are still purchasing cars and auto insurance to cover them.

To better understand how consumers purchase auto insurance, we surveyed a representative sample of 2,485 auto insurance customers and decision makers to uncover expectations of their auto insurance providers and what matters most to them when choosing an insurance provider.

Using ThinkNow ConneKt, our proprietary on-demand audience planning and segmentation tool, we discovered the following key insights:

  • Most and least popular considerations for insurance providers that impact customer engagement
  • Price sensitivity among decision makers that dictate purchase behavior
  • Media consumption habits of decision makers to steer advertising

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