[INFOGRAPHIC] The Future of Vehicle Ownership

The rise of micro-mobility and auto technology has changed the landscape of transportation, but a few things remain the same. Consumers still prefer to shop for vehicles in-person and they want to own their cars. These insights and more are found in the ThinkNow 2019 Auto Purchase Trends Report which takes a closer look at vehicle purchases, purchase preferences, and the impact of technology on the industry.

[Infographic] Asian American Entrepreneur Outlook 2018

Asian American Entrepreneurs Younger Than Most, Face Challenges There are over 1.9 million Asian-owned businesses in the U.S. accounting for $700 billion in annual receipts. While many Asian Americans pursue entrepreneurship as a means to gain greater independence from traditional expectations, lack of startup capital and uncertainty dampen their efforts.

[Infographic] ThinkNow Retail™ Holiday Shopping Report 2017

Innovations In Technology Expected To Ignite A Boon For Retailers This Holiday Season On the heels of startling news of declining in-store sales earlier this year by popular brands and an overall sluggish retail environment, new research reveals that the current situation may not be as dire as it seems. Now in its fifth year, ThinkNow Retail™ in partnership with JElena Group, suggests that the adoption of mobile shopping among the Total Market, especially Hispanic consumers, has changed the dynamic of the consumer shopping experience, but not consumers desire to shop.

[INFOGRAPHIC] What’s Driving Total Market Automobile Buying Trends In 2017?

Autonomous automobile technology is driving innovation in an industry hit hard by big economic swings and government bailouts. But the light at the end of the tunnel resides in consumers’ acceptance of newer technologies like driverless vehicles and less dependence on gasoline. At ThinkNow Research, we wanted to explore consumers’ attitudes toward these changes and how they impact vehicle purchasing habits.

[ INFOGRAPHIC ] Quick Service Restaurant Study

Our recent Quick Service Restaurant study revealed trends on the Total Market in four main categories – Frequency/Choice, Value, Quality, and Selection. Here is an infographic illustrating a few key points that were found.

[ INFOGRAPHIC ] How do Millennials Embrace Ethnic Food & Beverages?

Based on the 4th wave of our Millennial research, we've created an infographic highlighting some key points on Millennials and their ethnic product consumption. Click here to download the full detailed report and learn more about Millennials and their food & beverage consumption.

[Infographic] How Do Hispanics Watch TV?

With the growing popularity of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, we decided to conduct a nationwide survey to explore the television viewing habits of Hispanic Consumers. Take a look at our infographic, highlighting some key points we found. If you'd like to dig deeper and explore the full detailed report, click the link below to download it for free. We are pleased to offer the full contents of the report referenced here, free of charge. Please click the link below to get your copy now.

April 9th, 2015|Blog, Infographic|

[Infographic] Total Market Consumer Sentiment 2015

How do Total Market consumers feel? We conducted a nationwide study to discover their feelings about the economy, their financial situations, and a few of their spending plans. Take a look at our infographic below, which highlights key points that we found out about these consumers. If you’d also like to explore the complete report with detailed results, please feel free to download it by clicking the link below.

March 10th, 2015|Blog, Infographic, Total Market Research|

[Infographic] Hispanic Millennials and Their Finances

In our continuous Hispanic Millennial research project with Sensis, we aim to provide you with innovative insights to understand the consumer behaviors of Hispanic Millennials vs. non-Hispanic Millennials. This 3rd wave of research will help you understand how they feel about banks, wealth, investments, and other products and services in the financial industry. Take a look at our infographic to discover some crucial information from our thorough downloadable report. We are pleased to offer free of charge the full contents of the report referenced here. Please click the link below to get your copy now.

February 13th, 2015|Blog, Hispanic Millennials, Infographic|

[Infographic] Affluent Hispanics…They’ve Got Money and They Spend It

Affluent Hispanics are an interesting segment in particular because while they currently represent approximately 12.2% of Hispanic earners, they punch above their weight as compared to non-Hispanic Affluents when it comes to contributing to overall spending.Take a look at our infographic to see how affluent Hispanics and affluent non-Hispanics measure up to one another.

December 18th, 2014|Blog, Hispanic Consumer Research, Infographic|