Hispanic Back to School 2014 Report

  • Approximately 4-in-10 Hispanic adults have started to or are planning on shopping for back-to-school items this year. This is slightly higher than non-Hispanic adults (37%).
  • The back-to-school shopping season for most Hispanic parents (as well as non-Hispanic) begins in July and end in August.
  • On average, Hispanic parents shop for more children compared to non-Hispanics (2 vs. 1.5).
Report Abstract
We asked Hispanic customers how and where they'll be shopping this year. Download our complete study to find out what they told us.
  • Learn about the key shopping differences between Hispanic and non-Hispanic customers.
  • Discover the expected budget Hispanics are allocating this year for back-to-school shopping.
  • Find out how acculturation levels impact shopping habits.
  • And much more...