case studies

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Industry: Automotive
Market: United States
Demographics: U.S. Hispanics

The quest: A luxury car brand sought to uncover Hispanic consumers' views on luxury SUVs and use those insights to develop creative and messaging.

The need: To meet this goal, the brand and its agency needed a solution that could deliver actionable insights quickly and measure their success.

The solution: ThinkNow developed an integrated research solution that combined online discussion boards with pre- and post-quantitative studies.

The first phase was designed to gather qualitative insights from 30 unacculturated and bicultural Hispanic consumers through online discussion boards, generating rich feedback to inform the creative process.

In the second phase, a hybrid methodology of online and mall-intercept was utilized in a pre-and post-quantitative study. The study, which consisted of n=300 Hispanics across three DMAs, quantified and validated the qualitative findings and measured the effectiveness of the ads and messaging post-campaign.

Results: As a result of the ThinkNow study, this luxury car brand and its agency were able to develop a campaign that resonated with U.S. Hispanic consumers and achieved significant success for their vehicle lineup.