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Brand & Ad Tracking Study

Industry: Cable TV services
Market: US
Demographics: US Hispanics on four acculturation levels (Unacculturated, Spanish-Dominant Bicultural, English-Dominant Bicultural, and English-Dominant)

The quest: TV service provider Dish LATINO sought to better understand the U.S. Latino consumer across four acculturation levels, including the difficult-to-reach unacculturated segment.


The need:  A partner to conduct an ongoing brand health and advertising tracking study to monitor key metrics on Dish LATINO and its competitors, as well as a vehicle to test the recall, perception, and persuasion of its Spanish-language TV ads.


The solution: ThinkNow created a custom hybrid solution for DishLATINO to meet the needs of the study using our proprietary Hispanics panel (DigaYGane™) and intercept-to-online methods.

  • The Hispanic sample of the study includes quotas for four acculturation levels – Unacculturated, Spanish-Dominant Bicultural, English-Dominant Bicultural, and English-Dominant.


  • ThinkNow provided a detailed report for each wave where the results of these four segments are analyzed in-depth and compared to previous waves.


  • This research study’s insights have helped the brand and its agency tailor its messaging and strategy for its target audience.


  • DishLATINO can monitor its brand health among U.S. Latinos and stay on top of important trends impacting the TV service industry, including the adaptation of TV online streaming services. 


  • The study has also allowed DishLATINO to periodically test new messaging, TV ads, and product/service concepts.


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