case studies

Advertising Segmentation Study

Industry: Legal
Market: United States
Demographics: General Market and Limited resource U.S. Hispanics

The quest: An advertising agency serving the legal sector wished to expand the geographic footprint for two of its brands - one aimed at Spanish-speaking Hispanics and the other at the general population.

The need: For the agency to grow its brands and expand its audience, it needed a deeper understanding of the market and its target audience to strategically plan media and messaging.

The solution: ThinkNow conducted a segmentation study designed to:

  • Segment the market for its two brands and determine the size of those segments within the market population
  • Identify primary and secondary target segments for each brand
  • Profile the primary target(s) in terms of motivations, cultural drivers, psychographics, media behaviors, and demographics

The study consisted of n =1,500 interviews among the general population, n=1,200 among Hispanic consumers, and an oversampling of n=200 African Americans. The methodology featured of a mix of online and intercept-to-online, the latter used primarily to reach less acculturated Hispanic consumers.

The insights from this segmentation study resulted in insights that assisted the agency with the following:

  • Messaging – What to say to their audience(s)
  • Media Buying – Where/which channels to use to speak to their audience(s)
  • Brand and Creative Strategy – How to refine marketing and advertising creative to reinforce the desired direction for each brand
  • Sales Strategy – Which markets have the most potential with their targets