The Importance of Inclusivity in Product Development

June 16, 2021 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

Customer expectations are much higher in 2021. Today’s empowered consumers know who they are, expect brands to understand their needs, and use their social currency to influence perception in favor of or against brands. Enlightened brands listen, build intelligence, and use those insights to make products more attractive to buyers.

Product Managers play a vital role in bringing new products to market. They work with R&D to develop the product and create strategy and oversee the tactical execution of that strategy. Ultimately, product managers work to launch products that are accessible, high in utility, and easy to use, thus reducing the friction in the customer journey. Most importantly, effective product managers launch products that resonate with the intended audience.

Consumers favor brands that consider their unique needs and foster inclusiveness not only in the physical offering but also in its delivery. When solving for the underserved market, brands, in essence, solve for the broader market, as designing around the needs and wants of a niche benefits the entire value chain. This intentionality appeals to more people, improves customer experience, and generates positive word of mouth. Alternatively, developing a product that solves for everyone solves for no one, as individual needs are not taking into account.

Miles Montes, Chief Product Officer of DocSpace, join us on The ThinkNow New Mainstream Podcast to discuss the value product managers bring to the lifecycle of products and the importance of inclusivity in product development.