Redefining Identity: New Rules for Sampling in Market Research

July 28, 2021 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

How consumers choose to identify is changing, breaking away from conventions historically used to categorize and hypothesize about who people are and how they live their lives. Yet, traditional constructs aren’t keeping pace with the evolution of identity and leaves no room for the grey areas an increasing number of consumers choose to live in.

For agencies, this presents a challenge. They rely on market research for consumer insights to inform their strategies. But if researchers aren’t asking the right questions about identity, consumers can’t show up in the data authentically.

It has become increasingly clear that a new set of industry standards around sampling that moves and reacts to culture is needed, starting with redefining demographic questions in surveys. Reflecting on how consumers identify in the way research is conducted moving forward ensures more representative and inclusive insights.

In this podcast, we’re joined by Whitney Dunlap-Fowler, Founder of Insights in Color, Talia Lipkind, Team Lead, Trust & Safety Ops and John "Tre" Rials, Associate Director of Partner Programs at Lucid, to discuss a new collaboration focused on defining new parameters and standards around identity when conducting market research today and in the future.