Recruitment is Key for Hispanic Sample

September 29, 2015 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

As the need for Hispanic sample increases, the number of Hispanic panels popping up is increasing as well and just like gen pop panels, not all Hispanic panels are created equal. I would argue that this statement carries even more weight with Hispanic panels due to the complexity of creating national representation among this demographic.

As your clients begin to ask for Hispanic sample, here’s a few questions to ask your Hispanic sample provider when sourcing Hispanic sample:

1. How closely does your panel composition compare with Census region representation of U.S. Hispanics?

Census regions are a great marker for many other critical demographic points among U.S. Hispanics such as country of origin, income, age, and language. When a panel’s Census regions line up closely with the Hispanic distribution in the U.S., you can assume that many other key demographic information will line up as well which is a big plus for clients.

2. Is your panel mobile optimized or do you have a mobile app?

Hispanics are highly mobile and a large portion of non-acculturated Hispanics single entry point into the internet is their mobile phone. If a Hispanic panel is not mobile optimized or does not have an app, they cannot be truly representative as it leaves out almost 50% of the Hispanic population.

3. Do you utilize online only recruitment or do you incorporate offline recruitment methods?

While the majority of Hispanics have the internet and the digital divide is a thing of the past, many Hispanics do not surf the web in a way where they would be intercepted by online ads. Incorporating offline recruitment methods such as television and out-of-home advertising that drives registrants to an online or mobile recruitment page is key to creating a representative Hispanic panel.

Hispanic requests will continue to grow and knowing the intricacies of sourcing Hispanic sample will be key for your company’s success in winning more Hispanic research business.