Metaphoric Research: Tapping into the Consumer Psyche

February 17, 2021 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

Humans, in general, use metaphors to assign meaning to various aspects of our lives. By creating images in our minds, we make sense of the world around us and form associations that guide our behavior. Those associations can be aspirational, pushing us to pursue a certain status, or protective, warning us to steer clear of perceived danger. Understanding those associations is essential for marketers to activate consumer groups and deliver engaging content that meets them where they are. 

To do this, marketers can look to metaphoric research to analyze deep metaphors shaping the human psyche. Often, consumers see an ad and articulate a feeling but take an opposite action due to cultural beliefs and identity, and external influences. Understanding these dynamics helps marketers close the “say and do” gap by providing insight into the images playing out in consumers’ minds as they engage with products and services in the marketplace.

This week, we welcome Hannibal Brooks, Senior Insight Associate at Olson Zaltman to The New Mainstream podcast to discuss how metaphoric research can be used to reveal deep metaphors driving culture and consumer behavior.