Micro Cultural Insights Yield Hyper Engaged Audiences, Higher Conversion Rates

January 19, 2022 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

After college, Marissa Nance headed to New York City with just enough cash to cover a month of expenses and more than enough talent to land a job at one of the largest advertising agencies in the world.

Fast forward a few years, this pioneering media expert, fearless marketing executive, and groundbreaking content producer with credits like "Survivor," "Top Chef," and "The Biggest Loser" to her name, launched Native Tongue Communications (NTC), the first and only minority-and-female-certified media agency in the U.S. committed to bringing to life innovative, thought-provoking and culturally relevant ideas that authentically connect brands to diverse and growing populations.

NTC's success can be attributed to its concept of "micro-culturalism" which detects variances that differentiate even homogeneous groups. By analyzing consumer behavior at the micro-level, marketers can pick up on the subtle but present nuances that make each group unique. That level of attention fosters a deeper connection with consumers around a common theme, increasing the probability of sales conversions, versus pursuing a broader general market approach that gets the numbers but lacks engagement.

Some marketers reject the notion of micro-culturalism for fear of being "too niche." Yet, data shows that companies who make an effort to understand consumers at the micro-level create more relevant experiences which yield better results.

In this episode of The New Mainstream podcast, Marissa Nance, Founder and CEO of Native Tongue Communications, discusses how micro-cultural insights can help marketers use empathy to improve marketing performance.