From Vision to Value, Creating Scalable Employee Resource Groups

January 18, 2023 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

Volunteer-led Employee Resource Groups aim to foster inclusion, belonging, and community among employees. An ERG with executive sponsorship, a clear vision, and shared values can increase employee engagement and be a vital component of a successful organization.

There are many different types of ERGs, and in recent years, organizations have focused these efforts on promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. Many of these groups center around employee populations disproportionately represented within an organization. Those tasked with leading these groups are the bridge between group members and organizational leadership. It’s a heavy lift, often without additional compensation, but it’s not without its benefits.

Participating in ERGs gives employees, particularly leaders of the group, access to various tiers of the org chart and opportunities to execute meaningful programming for persons who identify with those groups and the employee base as a whole. ERGs also facilitate professional development and the ability to showcase skills and capabilities, which can lead to job promotions and recognition. But key steps should be taken to launch and sustain an effective employee resource group.

In this episode of The New Mainstream podcast, Illianna Acosta, Senior Manager of Channel Sales and Global Co-Chair of LinkedIn’s Hispanic ERG, shares how Employee Resource Groups can be used to create an environment of inclusion and how to measure their impact.

About Our Guest:

Illianna Acosta has over 20 years of experience in AdTech, Partnerships, and Sales. Today, she is a Senior Manager at LinkedIn, managing Global AdTech Partnerships that accelerate innovation, revenue, and customer growth and the Global Co-Chair of LinkedIn’s Hispanic ERG. Illianna serves on the National Board of the 100 Hispanic Women Organization and is the Co-President of the Cornell Johnson School NY Alumni Organization. She is a sought out speaker on DEI topics and the author of “Lost In Translation,” an e-newsletter focused on highlighting challenges and limitations under-represented groups experience that have shaped them and how they show up in their personal and professional lives.