Casual Dining Report 2016

  • 38% Approximately half of Asian adults eat at a casual dining restaurant at least once a week. This is similar to Hispanics and significantly higher than African-Americans.
  • Similar to the other segments, Asians are most likely to go to a casual dining restaurant on Saturday, followed by Fridays.
  • Consumers go to casual dining restaurants mainly to have dinner, although lunchtime is common as well.
Report Abstract
In our report we were looking for signs of potential demographic trends that could help the casual dining industry regain its footing in the increasingly competitive restaurant industry.The study contents include the following:
  • Frequency of Going to Casual Dining Restaurants
  • Day of Week Most Likely to Go
  • Type of Meal Eaten at Casual Dining Restaurants
  • Casual Dining Restaurant Occasions
  • Number of People in Party
  • With Whom Likely To Go to Casual Dining Restaurant
  • Dining Restaurant Spending
  • Casual Dining Restaurants Visited in Past 6 Months
  • Favorite Casual Dining Restaurant
  • Most Important Factors When Choosing Casual Dining Restaurants
  • Restaurants best Described by Statements