African American Millennials

  • The Hispanic Millennial Project is a joint research study developed by integrated cross-cultural advertising agency Sensis and market research firm ThinkNow Research.
  • This 5 wave explores the impact of culture on the Millennial consumption of media, technology, and entertainment.
Report Abstract
You might think that American Millennials – of all ethnicities – would be in the same ballpark when it comes to their finances and you'd be partially right. In some aspects they completely agree, but what's interesting is where the Millennials differ and present several open opportunities to those in the banking industry. Download our complete study to learn what we discovered about financial services among African-American and other Millennials.
  • Understand African American Millennials sentiment towards banking products.
  • Discover how they feel about wealth and where to contribute their income.
  • Find out how they compare and contrast when it comes to managing their finances.
  • And much more...