African-American Millennials – Media and Technology Habits Report 2016

  • Android is easily the top operating system among African-American Millennial smartphone users.
  • Like other Millennials groups, African-Americans utilize their smart phone for a wide variety of tasks.
  • African-American Millennials spend an average of 2.6 hours a day on social media – on-par with non-Hispanic White Millennials.
Report Abstract

Our report explores the impact of culture on the Millennial consumption of media, technology, and entertainment, with a focus on African-American Millennials. The study contents include the following:

  • Who are more likely to watch TV, stay informed on celebrity gossip, or use movie applications via mobile devices
  • The variety of tasks Millennial groups use their smart phones for
  • Use & average time spent on Social Media
  • Social Media influence on Content
  • Who are more likely to stream TV programming & most visited online platforms
  • Who is more intrested in gaming & who is likely to watch other play online
  • and more...