Semasio and ThinkNow Join Forces to Bring Multicultural Audiences to Programmatic Advertising

Partnership makes rich zero-party consumer data from Hispanic, Black/African American, Asian, and LBGTQ+ audiences readily available for use in programmatic media planning and buying.

Burbank, Calif., - 31st May, 2022 – Semasio, a pioneer of targeting and insight solutions for programmatic advertising, has partnered with ThinkNow, a full-service, cross-cultural research technology company, to bring zero-party multicultural data to the programmatic ecosystem. The synergy will equip marketers with the tools and resources to plan, manage, and message their target audiences in a culturally evolving and dynamically shifting U.S. consumer market.

“ThinkNow’s zero-party data integration with Semasio is a critical step in reaching multicultural audiences online,” says Semasio CEO Kasper Skou. “Semasio is excited to offer our clients a more in-depth way to reach the fastest-growing demographic segments in the U.S.”

By combining a decade's worth of multicultural research experience and longitudinal data insights, ThinkNow captures the latest lifestyle, socio-demographic, financial, and content consumption trends of today's multicultural population. Through the partnership with Semasio, these rich insights are now programmatically available across major advertising buying platforms. According to ThinkNow:

  • 17% of White non-Hispanics say they are most loyal to a brand that is authentic versus 20% of Multicultural consumers.
  • Walmart is among the brands White non-Hispanics say communicate or relate well with them, whereas YouTube is among the brands Multicultural consumers say communicate or connect well with them.
  • Purchasing decisions of White non-Hispanic and Multicultural consumers are equally influenced by brands.

Multicultural consumers represent over $4.6 trillion in total spending, and its youth, the first multicultural majority generation in U.S. history, grow by over 2.3 million each year. Marketing to influential ethnic groups requires a deep understanding of these audiences and the cultures that make them unique.

“We are excited to partner with Semasio. Our partnership answers the calls for better, more robust multicultural data for activation across the programmatic ecosystem,” says ThinkNow co-founder and principal Mario Xavier Carrasco. “Our zero-party approach coupled with Semasio’s programmatic capabilities enables marketers to message multicultural consumers in a better way that speaks to their needs and wants.”

About ThinkNow:

ThinkNow is a full-service, cross-cultural research technology company providing insight solutions to help organizations thrive in the culturally evolving and dynamically shifting demographics of the U.S. consumer market. The firm also owns and operates one of the largest and most representative Hispanic online panels in the industry,, which provides sample to leading market research companies around the world. Learn more at