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Voter Study

Industry: Political Campaigns
Market: U.S.
Demographics: Hispanics, African Americans/Blacks, Asians and Whites

The quest: Field Team 6 is an organization that focuses on registering Democratic voters in swing states. Their mission this time was to motivate people to register to vote in 2020.


The need: Field Team 6 needed to understand the specific factors and messaging that are most likely to resonate with eligible voters in battleground states. 


The solution: ThinkNow designed two separate online surveys to gather insights from eligible U.S. voters.

  • The first survey was conducted nationally and measured attitudes and preferences regarding the 2020 Presidential election and attitudes about the administration and its policies.


  • A second survey was conducted several months later among adults from battleground states who had registered to vote within the past five years. The survey collected information on why they registered to vote, the most important factors in deciding who to vote for, and how they planned to vote in November, and related topics.


  • The results of our two studies provided critical intelligence to Field Team 6. Among the significant findings was that anti-Trump message wasn’t enough. The COVID-19 pandemic emerged as the single most important issue facing voters prior to the 2020 election, which indicated that any messaging to eligible voters needed to focus on that issue.


  • Field Team 6 ran their new messaging and TRIPLED their average registration numbers the first weekend in-field. 


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