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Hispanic Qualitative Research

Industry: Automotive
Market: U.S.
Demographics: U.S. Hispanic

The quest: A Fortune 100 automaker was looking to take the lead with multicultural consumers in the U.S.


The need: To better understand the unique needs and behaviors of Hispanic consumers, as well as their perceptions of the brands offered in this category in order to build a relevant and connected end-to-end experience.


The solution: ThinkNow created an integrated solution combining online discussion boards, in-person focus groups, and in-depth interviews. 

  • The approach was divided into three individual phases designed to start broadly on a national level via online discussion boards, allowing us to discover the “unknowns”. 


  • The learnings were used to apply them to more specific discussions through the next phase of in-person focus groups.


  • In the final phase, Thinknow conducted in-depth interviews which focused on conversations around key influences impacting purchase decisions.


  • The results from the study have been groundbreaking for the automaker. It not only gave them the direction they needed to create more relevant marketing messages, but also brought about additional awareness and revealed how many of their previous understandings and assumptions about this demographic were inaccurate and thus changed.


  • The additional insight facilitated conversation among senior leadership about the opportunity that U.S. Hispanic consumers represented for the brand.  


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