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Hispanic Americans Self Purchase Insurance – Online Sample

Industry: Insurance
Market: U.S.
Demographics: U.S. Hispanic

The quest: A national insurance company looked to conduct a project targeting the U.S. Hispanics that self-purchase healthcare to understand the types of insurance they buy and their experiences. 


The need: A qualitative research of a short 5-minute survey responded by 150 panelists of which 50 of them would be required to answer questions in real-time. The project was time-sensitive, not to exceed seven days. 


The solution: A survey, programmed within one day, designed to gather quantitative data in the first phase, and qualitative information in a second phase.


  • Recruitment was conducted through DigaYGane, ThinkNow’s proprietary Hispanic panel. One hundred fifty Hispanics were recruited in five days.


  • The research included seven profiles: age, gender, geography, Latino/Hispanic, insurance, mobile device (for the qualitative phase), and PII.


  • In the second phase, 50 panelists were re-invited to take a qualitative live survey. Project managers sent those interested email invites with instructions on how to participate. All 50 panelists took part and completed the 1-hour survey.


  • ThinkNow successfully programmed and executed qualitative and quantitative surveys within the requested seven-day turnaround time.


  • The insurance company received the insights needed, and ThinkNow demonstrated that online panels can be used for real-time data collections for the U.S. Hispanic segments.


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