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CDC Focus Groups

Industry: Public Sector - Medical Services
Market: US-Mexico borderline
Demographics: Spanish speaking border-region residents

The quest: The CDC created Spanish language informational material about the virus of chikungunya but was concerned that awareness and its mode of transmission was still extremely low among Spanish speakers in the region.


The need: Determining which collateral communications and overall language and visual constructions were most effective in communicating how to avoid contracting or spreading the virus. 


The solution: A series of in-person focus groups of bicultural and unacculturated Hispanic residents were successfully conducted along the U.S./Mexico border to determine how best to communicate the dangers of Chikungunya to this demographic. 

  • ThinkNow Research worked with local community organizations and within the CDC to enhance recruitment outreach.


  • The focus groups took place in San Diego, CA, Las Cruces, NM, McCallen, TX, Nogales, AZ and El Paso TX, where attitudes and awareness were determined while simultaneously evaluating informational collateral within the groups.


  • The CDC updated messaging and collateral based on ThinkNow’s research results and distributed the new materials to healthcare centers throughout the region. 


  • The collateral from this project is still in use today and has helped the CDC achieve its goal of slowing the virus’ spread into the U.S. mainland.


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