case studies

Catholic church attendance survey

Industry: Religious organizations
Market: U.S.
Demographics: White/Caucasians, African American/Black, and Asian panelists

The quest: A market research firm specializing in church insights was tasked with gathering data to help a client understand the Mass attendance rate among self-identified Catholics.


The need: To source panelists across all demographics to represent the diversity among Catholics.


The solution: ThinkNow proposed a sample size of 2000N panelists to better represent Catholics by race/ethnicity, using an advanced profiling algorithm to add the profile questions necessary to identify the desired respondents.

  • A total of five profiles (which included age, gender, geography, ethnicity/race, and religion) were used in the screener to get an accurate and high conversion rate when recruiting the panelists. 


  • ThinkNow also added a custom profile that asked, “how often do you attend Mass?” Panelists were given multiple-choice options. 


  • ThinkNow’s panel technology accurately recruited all 2000N panelists with the correct profile, providing the percentage of self-identified Catholics per race/ethnicity and Mass attendance rate requested by the client.


  • The programming and data collection was executed within ten days, and the panelists enjoyed their experience.


  • The research helped the end-user better understand how many American Catholics attend Mass and how to market Catholicism to the U.S. Hispanics more effectively. 


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