case studies

Copy Testing

Industry: Healthcare
Market: US
Demographics: U.S. active cancer patients

The quest: A leading cancer treatment network sought to test the effectiveness of numerous television commercials over multiple years. They needed to determine if their ads successfully positioned their call to action for various markets and patient demographics.


The need: Because the core target audience included active cancer treatment patients, the network needed to work with a partner who had experience dealing with sensitive topics and patient confidentiality. 


The solution: ThinkNow worked with various panel partners to recruit participants. Since several ads were tested over multiple years, ThinkNow created a custom database of norms to evaluate how each ad performed compared to other ads that ran during this period.


  • Through these copy tests, the cancer treatment network has been able to gain critical insight around their messaging for current and potential patients.


  • Some of the key findings include how impactful the ads were for patient response to calls to action and pinpointing which ad spots were ineffective.


  • The results have allowed them to make informed decisions on which ads to include in future marketing efforts.